Why Hokkaido?

Japan is a long archipelago that stretches from north to south by 1,900 miles, or 3,000 km. The largest island on the northern part of Japan is Hokkaido. Once considered a foreign land of Ezo where the native Ainu people lived, it is an island of pristine nature and unforgettable foods for visitors. 

Day 1: Sapporo

Fly into Chitose International Airport or take the shinkansen (bullet train) from the Honshu Island to the prefectural capital of Hokkaido.


Sapporo Beer Garden and Museum

Day 2: Otaru

Whisky lover? Your where you need to be in Yoichi at the Nikka Distillery

Day 3: Lake Shikotsu

Day 4: Lake Toya

  • On your way to Lake Toya, take in the onsen hot springs, volcanoes, and stop by the Shiraoi Ainu Museum celebrating the indigenous peoples of Hokkaido. 

Worker at the Hakodate morning market

Day 5: Hakodate

Hakodate is a prominent port town on the southern tail of Hokkaido. It’s located on the southwest tip of the island and is the connection point to Aomori Prefecture on the main island Honshu. While a small city, it offers a wide variety of activities that make it very worthwhile for JR Rail Pass holders traveling north or south by train.


  • Fort Goryokaku
  • Climb Mount Hakodate to see the night view
  • Explore Motomachi District — foreign architecture, Russian Orthodox Church, former British Consulate
  • Visit to the market in the morning
  • Stay at Yunokawa Onsen for hot springs

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