Independent Traveler

What we do

We do the hard lifting of Japan trip planning. We start our process with discussing with you the goals of your trip from the must-sees to key experiences, work with your budget, and use our expertise to create your travel plan.

We are a bilingual company

We have connections to the Japan that doesn’t have English language websites or doesn’t make it on the typical trip advisor radar. We tap into our vast network of contacts across Japan from Buddhist monks to sake brewers to ensure your trip is unique and unforgettable. 

We are a fully equipped

We can book your accommodations, flights, transportation, activities, tours, and restaurants to maximize your time is focused on getting to the next attraction, not figuring out a plan b.

Travel your style: Independent Traveler

If you are passionate about researching and mapping out your own travel plan, are keen to explore on your own, are budget conscience, or flexible with time, independent travel may be best for you.

How do we help? We work with you and design your trip around your goals, interests, pairing our knowledge. If we can save you a few hours of precious travel time, avoid buying an uneeded train ticket, make sure you stay in the right neighborhood, the right accommodation, get you a coveted restaurant reservation because we speak and write Japanese, we are doing our doing our job helping you.

If you would like to discuss trip ideas for you to design your plan, schedule a free consultation with our team to chat.


What’s included?

Custom Itinerary for your journey

Phone app guidebook of your trip

Lodging recommendations and bookings (upon request)

Food recommendations and bookings (upon request)

Activity and experience recommendations and bookings (upon request)

Phone support and messaging through your trip

How we custom design your trip


Step 1 — Fill out a questionnaire on your travel preferences

  • Dates

  • Budget

  • Travel preferences

  • Dietary restrictions

  • Trip goals

Step 2 — Have a chat and get to know you better

Once we review your questionnaire, let’s chat! We’ll have a short call to get to know one another and discuss your travel goals.

Step 3 — We’ll design your bespoke travel plan

We will curate and design your travel plan. We can also book flights, hotels, tours, restaurants, and activities to save you time and money. We are here for you if anything comes up on your trip. Our goal is to allow you to focus on enjoying and connecting with Japan.

Where to?

Your daily summary of activities, destinations, and general overview for your trip

What now?

Diving deeper into each destination with booked activities, nearby recommendations, and useful local information.  

How to get there?

Make your way at your pace but we got you covered with directions. We also design your trips to keep your day’s activities locally focused.

Trip Ideas


Japan’s northernmost island is the least visited yet the most treasured. Balance your time trying the local delicacies like soup curry and Ghengis Khan, Sapporo beer, then head out of the city for luxury onsen resorts, pristine landscapes, world-class seafood, and amazing ski resorts.

Kanto Region

Within a few hours of Tokyo, you will find the best of Japan in history, beauty, and the modern. Concentrate your time getting to know this region.

Discovering Kumano Kodo and Wakayama

In the sacred heartland of Japanese Buddhism, you can take a spiritual pilgrimage through the breathtaking mountains of Wakayama and find yourself cleansed from inside and out.


We want to hear about your dream journey. What do you want to see and eat? Are you in the planning stage or nearing takeoff? We want to get to know you and design your trip together to ensure your delight in your travel story.

Start your travel story here.