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旅の下調べには時間がかかります。f Yet, numerous studies have shown that experiential travel promotes creativity, decreases stress, and increases happiness. In short, traveling heightens the areas of our personal and professional lives we are looking to grow.

At KiKO, we aim to tap into what makes you move and design the right trip for you. The average traveler spends over 30 hours and visits more than 40 websites to plan their vacations. There is a lot of information out there and planning can come with frustration around how to maximize your time, wondering if one person’s review matches your tastes, and narrowing your trip goals to meet your travel dates.

We are here for you. Japan is our passion and our expertise. We are a bilingual and bicultural shop with local contacts across Japan that aim to provide an intimate journey for you. We understand the challenges of jet lag, traveling with small children, to stretching yourself thin spending more time on trains than experiencing the country. We want Japan to be a country you are already jotting on ideas for follow-on trips while you are first visiting, but also leaving you with the feeling of satisfaction that KiKO helped you get the most out of your journey.

Japan is something for everybody. It’s cities, mountains, hot springs, beaches, all served with a fierce sense of local pride in its food and culture.

Let KiKO Japan take you there!

KiKO Travel Styles

Guided Tours

We celebrate the best of Japan with regional tours as well as specialty tours of cuisine and culture that define Japan. Small group tours are an intimate way to explore. Join us!

Self-guided Tours

Carve your own path. We do the heavy lifting organizing your trip, leading you to the must-see spots and getting you off-the-beaten path.

Independent Travel

Your trip. Your style. Our expertise. We design your trip based on your travel preferences. You travel at your pace.

What our travelers are saying about KiKO

I have some vacation time scheduled for February. Talking with KiKO, we designed a trip I wouldn’t have thought up without them. I will be heading north to the Sapporo Snow Festival and taking in some of the winter festivities of Hokkaido.

John, New York

KiKO created a beautiful itinerary that covered everything we wanted to do in Japan. If you want an off-the-beaten-path experience, they’ll go above and beyond to help you plan your dream trip.

Beatrice, London

Nothing is more exciting than landing in Japan and opening your phone to see a fully booked trip based on all of our hotel and eating preferences and exploration desires.

Regina, Florida





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